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Moving High Value Items Abroad

Valuable items such as antiques and paintings require special attention if they are to be moved safely and securely.

Antique furniture requires a specialist export blanket for protection, consisting of five or six layers of varying strength and composition, sometimes with an overlay of card for final impact protection. Valuable paintings need to be packed by an expert using tried and tested methods to protect both the paintings and frames.

Our case-making department will custom-build suitable cases or crates to prevent any risk of damage to your antiques or paintings while in transit.

Small fragile items need to be carefully and individually wrapped before packing into cartons to avoid potential chaffing, chipping or breakages.  This internal wrapping may be of tissue (which should be acid free for silver items), clean unprinted white paper (newsprint), globular straw bossed sheets (found between new crockery), bubble-wrap, polystyrene granules, carton inserts and dividers.

For security and customs purposes valuable jewellery should never be moved among general household items. For insurance purposes it is essential that there is a detailed inventory of all items of value with up-to-date valuations. You also need to make sure they are adequately covered by insurance during transit.


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