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International removals to America

The USA: An overview

Possessing the largest and most technologically-advanced economy in the world, the fifty states that make up the United States naturally draw in people from all over the world to live and work there. It has its own way of doing things but you can rest assured we will assist you at every stage from start to finish of your move, leaving you to enjoy the USA’s unique multi-cultural society.

US Customs and quarantine regulations

Your Move Manager will oversee your move throughout and be able to guide you through the USA’s particular Customs and quarantine requirements as they apply to your individual circumstances.

What should I do with the things I can’t take?

There are some items you may not be permitted to import into the USA, and there will probably be others you don’t need to take but would like to keep. The answer is to store them in our secure and well-maintained storage facilities, where you can access them at any time during working hours.

How long will it take to ship my possessions?

Transit times vary, depending on where in the USA you are going. Generally, shipping to New York will take 7-12 days and to Miami it will be 14-15 days, while to Los Angeles it will take around 25-29 days for your goods to arrive. Your Move Manager will supply a schedule covering the expected transit time for your particular move.

Why choose Taipan Express Movers?

We are specialists in international relocations, which means we have the knowledge and the solid experience needed to move your possessions safely to their destination without fuss. We offer a full international removals service and along with our tried and trusted partners we’ll support you throughout your move.


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